Problems getting my new build to start up

Our school was getting rid of it's old back-up server a while ago, so i thought i'd try and repurpose some of it into my own computer! And now I've just gotten my first (admittedly low end) pc put together. Here are the specs I know (keep in mind that the processor, motherboard, and hard drive are all about 5 years old, and could not be identified very well):
Intel Xeon processor (I believe it said 2.33 GHz) with Intel CPU Cooler
Similarly old and un-identifiable Intel Motherboard
8GB 1600 Hz Kingston RAM (2 x 4GB sticks)
EVGA GTX 650 Ti 2gb
Off-Brand 480W Power Supply
When the computer is plugged in, the "LED Power" light on the motherboard comes on. Upon turning the power on, the computer fans all spin, and LEDs go on, and the motherboard beeps three times, about 1 second apart. The attached screen reads "No Signal" (I did however check if the screen works by connecting it to a laptop, it did). Some google searching revealed that the three beeps mean an error with the RAM, and so I tried putting them in the first two slots, the last two, and just one stick at a time in each of the slots. The three beeps happened every time, still no signal to the monitor. I even tried it with no RAM to ensure it did the same thing, three beeps again. Please help! What else can I try?
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  1. Try clearing the CMOS, they are several ways but the easiest is to pull-out the battery. It should look like this

    Make sure tu unplug the PSU before doing so
  2. Did the RAM come with it? If not and you do not know the motherboard it could be incompatible.
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