Can someone PLEASE tell me what is causing my PC to completely shut off?

I have asked this countless times at other places but no one seems to be able to help me. I bought an msi gtx 780 a few months ago and didnt have any problems for like a month or so. Now however, whenever I play a game, my pc completely shuts off. Its been doing it with AC4 and last night I was playing the Everquest Next alpha and after about 4 hours of play, it shut off. I restarted and while the game was loading it shut off again. I tried again just now and it shut off while loading again.

I have a feeling it is my psu but I am not sure (I've never had or heard of anything like this).
My specs are
intel i5 2500k
msi gtx 780
16g RAM
msi mobo
psu cyberpower (It listed 600 and 700w on the psu)
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  1. The PSU is probably complete trash. It needs to be replaced with a 650w unit from Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic ASAP before it fails and fries the entire computer.

    What are the CPU and GPU temps under load?
  2. About 49C for the GPU and 40-45C for the CPU. Ya I've had this psu since I first bought my PC in like 2009.
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    Yeah, that PSU is junk. Replace ASAP. Those temps are fine.
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