Headset doesn't produce sound when plugged into back usb ports

Ok it's more of a statement but was hoping for a resolution, let me take it from the top. Aug 2013: Bought a motherboard which supported usb 3.0 but replaced it as the psu shorted and damaged the board. Little did I know my replacement did not have USB 3.0 headers. So all my peripherals are connected to the rear usb ports. Now I tried my headset and that doesnt appear to be working, The LEDs light up and the PC attempts to install drivers (even though I already have). I have tried all other rear USB ports and installed latest drivers, so what other possibility remains?
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  1. Ok apologies for not saying sooner but I found out the problem, nothing to do with drivers or anything. All that needed to be done was:
    1) Open Start and search for Sound ( Or Start > Control Panel > Sound)
    2) On the playback tab (ensuring your headset is plugged in) search for the device you wish for the audio to play from.

    Et Voila! I have fixed the problem and just posting the solution in case anyone else falls into a similar situation.
    I think I deserve a medal ;)
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