AMD CPU temperatures normal?

I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU which I just installed Corsair H55 liquid cooling system on.
Using Core Temp 1.9 RC6 it reads CPU temps around 15 C with an ambient temp of 21 C.
That seems pretty much impossible to me, or?
I'm currently running Prime95 and CPU seems stable at 42 C.
I have a Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 chassis with 1 blowout fan at the back, 2 front HDD fans and mounted the CPU radiator at designated "radiator mount" behind the 2 front fans (Radiator+fan --> HDD's --> 2 front fans)

Are these somewhat normal temperatures?
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    Temperatures are fine. AMD CPUs and motherboards are notoriously inaccurate below 40C.

    The max temp for the CPU is 62C on the cores and 70C on the socket. A 42C load temp is very nice, you have lots of overclocking headroom there.
  2. Great =) CPU temp dropped 12 C from stock cooler, Forgot to mention I changed chassis at the same time i changed the cooler, so went from 5 to 3 chassis fans.
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