DVI-D to VGA cable. Will it work?

I have 2 VGA monitors, and I am using Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics with a motherboard that supports 1x VGA connectivity and 1x DVI-D connectivity.

I have found on Amazon(UK) an active DVI-D to VGA adapter which I am sure will work for £25.

But I have also found a DVI-D to VGA cable for about £5.

So, my question:
Will the cable actually work? Will I be able to use my two monitors with it?

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    The cable isn't DVI-D it's DVI-A. DVI comes in three flavors:
    DVI-D digital
    DVI-A Analog (more or less vga)
    DVI-I Both (Integrated)

    The best way to think of it is as two completely different plugs that just happen to fit in the same socket. Where only DVI-I connections contain the information for both. Digital connections are preferred as they allow higher resolutions and a cleaner signal. Analog connections only exist to support legacy (old) monitors.

    Now back to your question, will both work. The answer is that the cheaper cable is preferrable, as long as your mobo supports DVI-A or DVI-I, if it doesn't then you need the adapter.
  2. Sorry, my mistake. I knew that as well! Haha, my brain's not working right, but it's a good job I asked before I bought it.
    Thanks for your response!
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