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I have a processor Intel Quad Core 2.33
and I'm going to buy a Amd Raedon HD 7970 or even a little better, and i wanted to ask , will it support games like Assassin's creed 4 and Crysis 3 Full Ultra and Full screen , or even middle settings with full screen? or i need to get a better Processor to make it work like that.
Thank you
*atm i have a Nvidia 9500 GT*
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    Yes you would have good performance, when it comes to gaming always GPU > CPU. Still the CPU you have is kinda old so it may bottleneck when you want to play in ultra settings.
  2. thats to much gpu for you cpu, even if you overclock. not a terrible idea, if you are planning on upgrading your mb/cpu/ram soon. but if you arent planning on upgrading the rest of your components in the near future, i would buy a lesser card.
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