Should I upgrade to Windows 8 for my new build

Hello I just ordered some upgrades for my PC and I am now debating on moving to Windows 8.1 or sticking with Windows 7.

I have been looking around various forums and google to see if there is any advantage to Windows 8 over 7. From what I've gathered Windows 8 looks to be only a couple % faster and because of the lack of Aero effects seems to be more responsive. I've also gathered that there can be some driver issues with certain hardware. I'm just looking for some more input or more in depth explanation of the new features of windows 8 which would make it an "upgrade". I have 8 on my laptop and I have mixed thoughts on the new layout, but I feel like it could be good with the start screen setup right.

My main concerns is how windows 8 handles multiple displays and if it boggs down easier than windows 7 after extended time. Also what is the word on errors?.

My new specs will be Intel i5 3570K, 12Gb RAM, 1 SSD and 5 HDDs, and Crossfire AMD R9 270x 4gb. I heard that with newer graphics cards that drivers are not an issue and could possibly be better than in 7. Also that with games like BF4 there is a noticable increase in performance with 8, but I have not been able to find a good reason why this is. I get BF 4 for free with my card so I plan on giving it a shot, but I mostly play DayZ, Wow, Tomb raider, and starcraft.

I guess I'm looking to see if 8 is fine to upgrade to and reasons why, or if it really is just a preference of UI.

*edit* I just thought of background updates/bandwidth use. Is this a problem in windows 8 because of the built in apps and are these easy to turn off or monitor. On 7 I have a pretty good idea of what is running in the background, but from my experience with my laptop I have a hard time knowing what is going on that I cannot see.

Also is there anything that is now unsupported with windows 8
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  1. This is purely a personal opinion, but I have tried Win8 on both a desktop gaming PC and a M$ Surface Pro tablet. I hate it. I don't want my OS interface to look like my phone... or be as cumbersome to navigate. The Surface went back to the retailer and the desktop is now once again using Win7. Apparently I am not alone in my disdain for the "new" OS. Here is the opinion of one of the best gaming PC gurus, Koroush Ghazi:
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    If you're satisfied with 7, no real reason to change. If you were going from Vista or XP, then yes....8.

    I've been running 8 and 8.1 since Preview days.
    Multiple display? No problems.
    Bogged down after extended time? My PC is on 24/7. No issues at all.
    Builtin apps? The almost completely go to sleep when not actually using. And the Task Manager in 8 is much better than 7.

    Overall, though, I like 8/8.1.
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