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Lately I've been having some problems with my computer. I used to have a bunch of problems with my Nvidia videocard dying, since then I've replaced it with an AMD videocard about 2 months ago and everything has been working fine up until about 2-3 weeks ago. Lately when playing a game my computer would sometimes randomly freeze what it's doing and I'll hear a weird buzzing sound come out of the speakers, the only thing i can do is restart my computer.

After doing some research I've found this problem could either be due to overheating or the power supply. I figured the videocard is new and the drivers are up to date so it couldn't be that, my temperatures using SpeedFan were all pretty cool. So I've figured my problem was the power supply thinking I may not have enough after upgrading my videocard as well as my RAM.

So I got a new power supply as well going from 750 watts to 900 watts. After running my computer for a while it seems I got rid of the random freezes with the buzzing sound, however that problem has been replaced with getting a grey screen with vertical lines. After doing some research, I've found this:


which would mean my cpu isn't getting enough voltage which is the root of the problem. But how do I fix that? I realize I need to go into my BIOS to change the CPU voltage, but what I'm asking is how much is safe to change the min/max to? Should I also change voltage to the videocard as well as the cpu (which im guessing is the pci-e voltage)? I don't want to accidentally put in a wrong amount to the change.

Looking at my BIOS this is what it looks like, I'm not sure what to change the min/max to, although it looks like it says to not change the max any further:


Here are my system specs:

(for memory slots in spd tab, it's the same for slots 1-4, and 5 and 6 are empty.)
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  1. If you're running your CPU at stock frequency, you shouldn't have to increase your voltage at all.
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