USB print server device as USB storage server

I was interested if it's possible to use the USB print server device as USB storage server It's a bit complicated and ill try explain the problem, so if I miss something or the explanation is blurred let me know.
Printing works just fine, but I had no luck setting it as USB storage server.
I have already tried to connect USB memory stick / external USB HDD and the device recognizes (the stick and the HDD) properly in web console and in the software on the pc (Networking server USB - ) .
According to manual, by now things should work and I should be able to see the storage device but there is no sign of the storage device... From what I can see in device manager there is yellow exclamation mark on USB mass storage device. Automatic search update driver does nothing.
Do you have any idea if it is possible to set that Networking print USB device to work as USB storage server
-Asus P53E, Windows 7 x64
-usb print storage server -,HJNtDfb,HpvpEeE#0,HJNtDfb,HpvpEeE#1,HJNtDfb,HpvpEeE#2
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  1. Any one? Any idea?
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