Advice on first Gaming PC Build (Borderlands 2: Max Settings 60 fps at 1080p)

So after decades of playing games on a console and my 5 year old laptop about to kick the bucket, I have decided to take the plunge and build a gaming rig which can also double as the family PC. I’m trying to build a PC to play Borderlands 2 at 50-60 fps with max quality settings (including Phys X at high if possible) at 1080p resolution. I’m trying to take into account the following considerations to meet this objective:
1. Avoiding overclocking
2. Need to use wifi to connect to the router (not close enough for ethernet)
3. Trying to keep noise of the machine low (wife will be using the machine as well for general Internet, photos, and MS Office activities)
4. Trying to reduce power consumption if it’s feasible but would trade off to some degree for a lower price point
5. Would like to keep over price below $1400 and cheaper would be better

I’ve created the following draft build as a starting point:

I really don’t have a clue about the motherboard choice and probably chose the wrong power supply to take advantage of the low voltage mode (C6?) with Haswell systems, but I would like to do so if possible. I don't know if I've gone overkill with a Core i7 and should just stick with a 4570 part instead. I also need to add a decent keyboard and mouse, so any recommendations would be great.

My preference is to use Intel chips and Nvidia graphics cards but could go with AMD if they would be a better fit based on my considerations. I went with a Haswell chip to try to keep the power draw low and the Nvidia graphics card because I’ve heard that offloading Phys X onto the CPU is a big performance issue with using non-Nvidia cards. I also have an existing Intel 520 series 120 GB SSD that I plan on using for my OS Drive, along with some Steam games and VM or Virtual Box Ubuntu image (for relatively “safe” browsing).

Could you please let me know your thoughts on this build or suggestions for other parts/builds that would be more effective in meeting my needs? I apologize if advance for any rookie comments made in this post but could really use some help from people who have built systems before.

Thank you
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  1. Would like to point out that if you sacrifice running VMs on your machine, you could go a little bit easy on the DRAM, save money there.
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    That system will play Borderlands maxed no problem. You are right the i7 is a waste if this is just a gaming/internet machine. Also you don't need the K version(which means overclockable) so the 4570 would be a good choice.

    As for the power supply, I'd opt for something at least gold rated. Seasonic makes a 650 gold PSU that should fit in your budget with your i7-i5 swap.

    Keyboard - TTesports Posideon, 80$ mechanical keyboard will last you many years.

    Mouse - G400 from Logitech. No acceleration built in. I'm not a fan of acceleration, I like accuracy~
  3. intel 4670K or 4570 even would run borderlands great.
    i would cut back on the processor a little bit, cut to 8GB RAM, and spend a bit more on the graphics, assuming this is mainly for gaming.
  4. Sorry misplaced.
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