Connecting Two VGA monitors to my DVI Graphics Card

Hi everyone, I just got a new monitor for cheap, and I'm hoping that I can still use my old monitor as a second display for my computer. The problem is, both of my monitors now use VGA connectors, but my graphics card doesn't have any vga outputs, and only has 1 dvi-i output. I have one dvi-i to vga adapter, so I can use one monitor, but I can't find out how to connect the other monitor to the graphics card. So I'm hoping one of you can let me know of a way to hook everything up.

Specifically, my graphics card is a Radeon HD 6850, which has 1 dvi-d port, 1 dvi-i port, 1 hdmi port, and 1 displayport. One of my monitors is a VeiwSonic VG900b, which only accepts vga input. And my other monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster 150mp, which accept vga, svideo, composite rca, and TV antenna input. I currently have 1 dvi-d to vga adapter which I am currently using to run one monitor.

So can anyone tell me the cheapest/best way to hook up both of my monitors to my graphics card? Thanks in advance.
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  1. how about another dvi to vga adapter on the cheap?
  2. jtenorj said:
    how about another dvi to vga adapter on the cheap?

    From what I understand, dvi-d cannot be converted to vga without a really expensive converter, because one is digital and the other is analogue. But please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Sorry. Just read your first post again. At first it say you have a dvi i adapter, but then that you using a dvi d adapter with one screen, leaving the dvi i port on your gpu free. That is why I suggested a cheap dvi i to vga adapter for the second screen.
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