How do i download a movie from a dvd to a flash drive

I want to put the movie onto a flash drive because my laptop doesnt have a dvd slot. Can someone tell me how i can put the movie from the dvd onto the flash drive?
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  1. Download 2 free things.

    MakeMKV will rip the DVD to an MKV file.
    Handbrake will convert it to a much smaller size.

    Both are GREAT and FREE. Don't buy Xilisoft or any of that shrinking stuff. It's bad and you don't need to spend money. Well, MakeMKV is still free for how long I don't know.

    I've never had either abend/crash. MakeMKV sometimes has files with DVDS and that's when I fall back to DvdDecrypt. Old, very old and not maintained but still works very well. That will simply strip the encryption and creat an ISO on your hard drive in which Handbrake can convert.
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