Removed photo card without eject, windows 7 now hangs up on logo

After pulling out the photo card without using eject, the computer no longer boots up.
It hangs on the Windows 7 logo.
Any ideas on what has been damaged?
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    your issue is unrelated. The photo card would not have that effect on the OS. "Safely Remove" is a joke, it does nothing to FAT32 formatted devices, which your card would be, and isn't really needed for NTFS either.

    Do you have a Win 7 boot disk? If so, boot to it and run a repair.
  2. Thank You for informing me that the two issues are unrelated.
    Now that you say that, I must have pulled memory hundreds of time with no issues.
    I bought the disk pack from HP to try to reinstall windows.
    However, since the computer locks up on boot, at that windows logo, I can not access the cd drive.
    I try to boot to the drive but it will not.
    I then download, on another computer, the Ultimate Boot CD.
    The computer will boot to this CD and I have run a few diagnostic programs. ( I think in DOS mode)
    I still have not learned much, I guess I do not know which test might tell me something.
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