Buy a expensive brand gaming laptop or Clone gaming laptop which one is better for online game?

I am an beginner online gamer in DOTA II , LOL, Warcraft. So i think of buying laptop that i have seen the brand gaming laptop and I check it on google it is far expensive enough for me to buy. So i want to ask your opinion that clone laptop can be responsible of that kind of online game?
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  1. do you need the portability? i mean, do you travel or something?
    if not, then desktop is better. yes, sorry if that is now your question, but just a suggestion
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    Laptops are nice for school and work, but for gaming I would HIGHLY recommend a desktop, you can get so much more performance for the money. I've spent quite a bit of time with those games, you don't really need a gaming laptop to play them as long as you don't mind medium settings.
  3. I believe there's a template on the forum somewhere but the best thing to ask what the best laptop I can get for $$$$.

    Should state gaming, desktop replacement or need mobility etc.
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