Is this a good laptop for what i'm looking for?

Before I tell you the specs let me tell you what i'm looking for. The laptop is for work and for work only. I want it to be fast and and as future proof as possible. I want something that can load programs quick and be able to browse the internet quickly also. This is what I got so far. BTW i was looking at so I am able to exactly what I want.

Laptop- ASUS N550JV-DB71
CPU- i7-4700HQ
Graphics- GT 750M (does not matter very much since I won't be gaming on this at all)
Ram- 16GB DDR3 1600MHz (corsair vengeance)
SSD- 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (don't need much space since we store most data on the cloud)
OS- Windows 7 Professional

Total- $1468.58

Those are the main components. What do you guys think. Is this good? Any response is great.
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  1. My first thought is reducing the RAM to 8GB since 16GB is overkill, but then perhaps it adds to the future proofing. IMO, the SSD is an excellent choice. And price is pretty good, too.
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    The SSD is remarkably fast, I think the Samsung 840 Pro is one of the quickest SSDs you can get. As rpjkw11 said, 16GB of memory is overkill UNLESS you plan on doing any photo/video editing, and some pretty heavy editing at that. So really, what you can do is reduce to 8GB memory which is still very roomy, and maybe get a screen upgrade while you're at it. If you're going get any excessive upgrades, make sure it goes towards the CPU, as that's where the performance is really needed in a work laptop.
  3. looks like an awesome laptop
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