Do I have a bad motherboard?

Hi guys I think that I have finally found what is wrong, so my computer has been freezing a bit when I play games and at first I thought it was gpu but after testing it it seems to be just fine. So I have done the tests for every component and they all work fine, no over heating. After a lot testing, I beleive my mother board I tried using my onboard graphics and it worked, but then after about a day it gives my " D-Sub, mode not supported" and finally after a while my wifi has been going in and out. It keeps alt tabbing, but no window pops up, it just kind of takes me out of the thing that I am in. When that happens my internet goes out and I have to reconnect it. I switched my network card slot and it worked for about a week, but then it just went out. So I believe that my motherboard is bad. I just need someone to confirm my thought. And if so I want to ask if

that works with an AMD FX 4130, Thanks so much guys
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  1. Could you please post your full specs (including PSU model).
  2. Sure
    AMD Fx 4130
    ASUS M5A78L MLX Plus
    Antec Vp 450
    Power color Radeon HD 7750
    I dont exactly remember my RAM, but its a G. Skill 2x 4 Gb
    Windows 7
    Western Digital Black Cavier, 1 TB 7200.

    I think thats it :p
  3. It might also be a corrupt installation of Windows. Can you do a bad sectors check on the HDD?
  4. Someone Somewhere said:
    It might also be a corrupt installation of Windows. Can you do a bad sectors check on the HDD?

    I'm sorry but how would I do that, and if I do re install how should I back my data?
  5. Best answer
    backup your data, or copy it to another partition make fresh install windows
    if the problem still exist , i think your motherboard I/O ic start malfunction
    problem of IC IO :
    - hang PC when plugged io ( keyboard, usb, lan fan)
    - pc power up byself without pressing button
    - temp read abnormal
    - blank PC , not respond at all
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