Is this a good fan setup? Fractal Design r4

Sorry if this was posted already I can't seem to find something like this so I decided to post.
The Fractal design r4 comes with two 140mm r2 silent fans which have 52 cfm. One for exhaust and one for intake. I decided to move both to the front for intake (total 100 cfm), and install one Bitfenix spectre pro 140mm fan for exhaust which has 86 cfm. I also have a hyper evo 212 for my cpu which direct air from the front fans to the exhaust fans.

I don't know if this is a way to calculate it, but the cfm for intake is around the same for exhaust, which should be optimal right? I am not too sure so i'm just looking for feedback.

Another small question, my case has a voltage control for fan speed, 12, 7, and 5v. For intensive gaming can I get away with 7v? 12v is slightly too loud.
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    That is perfectly fine. Chances are changing the fan speeds will not actually change temps at all. As long as air is circulating through the case it will stay cool. My components are the same temps at min and max case fan speeds.
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