Would you upgrade or would you wait? 760 / 780

Hi Guys,

I am a happy owner of a fantastic MSI GTX 760 (silent and so far really powerful) I am not a 60fps fan to me anything over 30 is fine, however I am looking forward to the Oculus Rift so more FPS = Better experience..................IF IT WILL EVER BE RELEASED....

I would be able to afford a MSI 780 (I really love how cold and quiet they are), would you upgrade from a 760 to a 780 right now or would you suggest to wait?

I saw that a new 790 is coming out so probably in a few months prices will be lower too for existing models...

What do you think?
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    All good things comes to those who wait.

    Unless Oculus Rift is just on the horizon and recommended specs are public you shouldn't feel bothered to upgrade your G.Card right now and wait. 760 isn't giving you issues currently so no reason change it as of now. Enjoy it more.
  2. lol love that pic Kratos...

    Yep so far I can't complain about the 760 and the MSI model is quiet, fast and reliable, I haven't tried title such as Metro Last Light or Crysis 3 so I haven't really pushed it to its limit yet. The upgrade was more of a "I just fancy it"........I may be turning in that "PC Gamer Monster" that needs hardware just for the sake of it lol I would never ever say that you need more than a 760 to play "next gen games" just in case anyone is reading and thinking that PC gaming is "that expensive".

    With regards to the Oculus...........................over 60 Millions pounds between Kickstarter and private investments it should have been ready...yesterday...! I am a bit disappointed how Oculus VR is dealing with it, no news not even a possible date or a pre-order available, plus I am impatient as I tried the VFX-1 around 20 years ago and I was so impressed that I still remember the Mechwarriors level I was playing with it in the demo station :D
  3. Rumoured price for OR is said to be <300$. Moreover for consumer version, the resolution specs is said to be ≥1920×1080. So for 1080p GTX 770 is optimum. But all of these things would make a lot more sense when it's released and consumers will have a lot of concrete info to base their assertion on.

    And yeah that "PC Gamer Monster" is a lustful beast lol. Every PC gamer has one inside.
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