pagefile on windows 8.1 and virtual memory

hi there I just install windows 8.1 on 60gb ssd

and I have 16gb ram so the page file takes almost all of my space

in windows 7 on another computer I just turned off the hibernate mode but in windows 8 it doesn't do the job

so I looked up for solution and I found that I need to change the virtual memory size and everyone says don't touch it your system needs that..

can I move it to another drive and if I can will it works as it should be

if ill turn it off will it harm my system?

can't I just use more ram instead?

thanks a lot!
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    Hibernate file is for a sleep mode, it can be turned off if needed.
    Page file is more important thing, it will be used if you hit the limit of the ram or its used for those programs in background which are not used at this moment.
    If you have 16GB of Ram it can be turned off totally (but personally i don't recommend it), the size can be also set up manually so it will be less that 16GB, also you should be able to point which partition will be holding it (by default its the system partition).

    For pagefile:

    To access pagefile settings, press the Windows + Pause Break keys > Advanced system settings > In the Performance section click the Settings… button > Advanced tab > Change button.

    For hiberfile:

    run command line and type:
    powercfg.exe /hibernate off
  2. yeah i did that put it on D seems to work fine.
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