I need help with svchost.exe


Been coming here to fix my problems for a couple years but just registered today because I've been unable to get this issue fixed.

This week has been a little annoying because I've been crashing and my computer won't boot up on first try anymore. There are odd coloration in the motherboard bios screen or when it gets passed the BIOS, the screen will just show that blinking underscore and won't boot passed that. (Although, this isn't really my issue)

I have been frustrated with a certain svchost running at 40-80% CPU for the past week and taking up to 300-800 MB of Private Memory. I've downloaded Process Explorer and found that the culprit is msvcrt.dll and sometimes ntdll.dll

If there's any other information that is needed let me know and I'll respond as soon as possible.

edit: i forgot to mention there have been instances where DcomLauncher would crash and force my computer to log off. Plug and Play would also do the same. (The svchost I mention is DcomLauncher)

Windows 7 Home (32-Bit)
2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer RAM
GeForce GTS 250
Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.51Ghz
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  1. Try disabling automatic updates if your computer runs windows xp , and see if svchost cpu usage goes down , comment .
  2. I already know what svchost.exe is running. It's DcomLaunch and/or Plug and Play. Thus ruling out Windows Update as the problem (wuauserv)

    I probably should have added some specs as well. I will edit my original post
  3. Upss sorry maybe I have missunderstood or didnt read right , will take look later , gotta go now . Sorry :(
  4. anyone? please help. :(
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