Best Noctua fans and possible fan controller?

I need to get 4 new fans (two 120's and 2 140's). I know Noctua's (well have heard) are the best fans on the market.
The first question i have is whether or not I should get PWM fans or not? Which are the best Noctua fans in 120mm and 140mm? If PWM fans are recommend over 3 pin then are there any fan controllers that are 4 pin? The only reason I will be using a fan controller is that my MOBO doesn't have enough 4 pin fan headers and I prefer my PC quiet except while gaming (who doesn't).
Any input is appreciated. Thanks
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  1. PWM fans can't utilize PWM without a 4-pin, PWM header.

    What are you using these fans for?
  2. They will be case fans
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