XPS8500, msata + Samsung 840 EVO SSD (randomly losing connection)

I have a Dell XPS8500, fairly modified from original.

I've upgraded the PSU to a 650W OCX and GPU (HD7870), both quite a while ago and everything was fine. 16 GB RAM. 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3450 processor 3.10 GHz.

I have been running Win7Pro off a 240gb mushkin mSATA without a hitch for over 6 months now. I'll call this "OS Drive". I noticed the ECC seems to be high in the SMART results for this drive, but everything else seems to be fine.

Back to the problem:

Last week I decided to add a 500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD drive to replace my "data drive". I have some of my games on this drive.

2 times in the last week in the middle of a game (about 70 minutes into playing) the "data drive" SSD simply loses connection and is no longer detected by Windows. The drive still shows in the BIOS and a reboot seems to fix the issue.

Does this sound like the SSD is going bad already, a cable issue, a driver problem or is it some sort of conflict between the mSATA in port 1 and the SSD in port 0.

A further bit of research on the Samsung 840 mentioned something about the Intel AHCI drivers causing the drive to be 'lost in windows' but still detected by the bios. It seems that I am using the stock Windows drivers from 2006.

Could this be the problem?

Also, I have them msata (SATA3 port 1 by default), the SSD (SATA3 port 0), a harddrive (SATA2 port), 2 DVD drives (SATA2 ports). Could there be a problem having too many SATA devices?

I appreciate any help or guidance in this!
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    2006 drivers could be the problem, most OEM's are lazy in updating their drivers from the original release date., better off using the latest Intel Rapid Store drivers.
  2. It looks like the driver you recommended was RAID or RAID Simulated. I thought I was supposed to have these set at AHCI.

    The Samsung Magician software says everything tests out great for the Samsung. The muskin is getting about 1/2 of the random write for the random read (which seems odd to me).

    Intel Rapid Storage Tech is running. I only run the Samsung software to do benchmarks and then shut it down.
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