[ASUS B85M-G]: Two 120mm fans connected to one header - is that ok?

Hi everybody!

I know B85M-G is pretty low budget motherboard,
but i still want my full control over case fans via that 4pin fan header.

So the question is - can i connect two of these (link) (using Y-connector) to motherboard's fan header without overheating the connector on the board? The only thing motherboard's manual says is that "CPU_FAN connector supports a CPU fan of maximum 1A (12 W) fan power" and nothing about CHA_FAN conector specifications. So i can only guess that they are the same (???) If so - is that ok to connect two fans? Anyone have theories or practiced something like this? :)

Thanks for your help in advance!

P.S.: I couldnt find any info about how much A this cooler draws (but i guess its less that 0.4-0.5A.. is that right?).. The only thing I found is that one draws 1.56 watts, but how could that be if they dont even start if there's less that 5-7 watts of power given to them.. i mean wth.
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  1. simply, yes. Just get a Y splitter and your good.
  2. Yeah, as I said I will use Y-splitter provided with that fans :) But is that really ok doing this.. what if it overheats the header of the board by trying to draw more power than connector is supposed to handle? That is THE question :\
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    I said it will simply work, I didn't really read the info but the question :( . It is fine doing this and it won't overheat, their fans! they draw simply barely any power. It has been done before on many other occasions without any problems.
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