I need help finding the best GPU to my system :-)

Hi guys, I am in the process of building a gamer PC(desktop) but I have a problem, and that is finding the GPU(graphics card) but I don't have a lot of money left to buy the GPU( Around 200$)

Here's my system:
CPU: Intelcore i7 3770k
CPU cooler: Zalman cnps 12x but I also have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo (which one should I use??)
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77V-LX2
Ram: Corsair Vengeance PC3-12800
Case: COOLER MASTER Mystique RC-632S-KKN1-GP silver
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  1. Kind regards, Max :-)
  2. Why not drop the processor to an i5 if only gaming to give you more GPU budget?
  3. With that budget, an R9 270 ro R9 270x would be a good choice for you. I do think, if you haven't bought already, that dropping to an i5 and getting a better GPU is a good idea though.
  4. Look at Tom's picks on graphic cards. It shows them buy price point.
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    I would get the i5 3570K instead of the i7 if only gaming. Save $100 and add it to your GPU funds.

    Also change to power supply to something made by Seasonic
    650W is more than enough for your build. Corsair CX psus are built cheaply.

    As for the GPU with your $200 budget right now, go with the R9 270. If you can stretch for $250, GTX 760 is the clear choice. For $350, GTX 770.
  6. The reason why I'm getting the i7 and not i5 is because I'm also gonna use it for streaming with :-)
  7. I got the i7 and the motherboard for 326usd (used) but that is already bought, so I can't do anything with those two things :-)
  8. Okay, I'm gonna look after the r9 270 to Fall a bit in my country(Denmark) but then I'm buying it! Thx guys!!
    Oh, and sweeny thx for the help with the psu! Looking after one of those too then!
    Ty all very much!
    Have a nice day :-)
  9. Btw, what r9 270 model should I get??
  10. MSI R9 270 Gaming OC Edition
  11. Ty! But what about the gtx 760?? Is that something worth mentioning?
  12. Because I can get it for around 200$ used :-)
  13. Oh, I can see that you already have answered that! Sozz mate!
  14. Yes and its a better one. Good price for a used card.
  15. Thx again, just bought the card and I'm about to put it in my pc. Btw i also got PSU you told me to buy. Btw the shop nearly closed, so if I was 5 minutes late I wouldn't have the SPU too right now
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