dell inspiron good is it for bf4??

hey guys i need your opinion for this laptop...i know laptops are not for gaming but i wanr to see how good are the specs:

i7 4500u not quad-core 1.8 to 3.0 ghz
17.3" (1600x900)
8gb ddr3
amd 8870 2gb

thanks in advance guys
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  1. there are gaming laptops out there. they are just not U series.

    usually ultra thin/portables don't game but your selection is about the best you can get in the thin/ultra portable range for gaming. you can probably play bf4 at med-high-ish settings on it. but without being plugged in it will drain the battery in well under 1h.
  2. That's very subjective to the games you will want to play, but in general: no, this is not a good gaming laptop.
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