High-performance non-gaming rig.

Obviously you need an SSD for boot drive/drivers and HDD for storage, but what processor should you use?

If you're not going to be gaming but want a general use desktop (watch 1080p videos, pictures, ect), could you get away with a haswell i3 (like a 4340)? Or would there be slowness compared to that of a quad core i5?

Also what GPU to get? Obviously spending $180 on a GPU is stupid for non-gaming, but where does non-gaming GPU's start that can support a 1920x1080 monitor? HD 7750/7770?
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  1. Buy an i3 4130 and use the intergraded graphics...
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    For general use like watching videos and photo editing a Haswell i3 with the integrated GPU is all you really need. An i5 is a stronger option for multi-threaded apps and when you are heavily multi-tasking. The virtual cores in the i7 come in handy when doing processor intensive things like video editing.

    If you're looking for build suggestions then include all the information in the *How to Ask for New Build or Upgrade Advice* sticky and we can help you put together a build that will work best for your intended use and budget.
  3. I'm not actually building this, I'm just looking to learn more about CPU's and systems in general. My current system runs on an i5-3570k/HD7870 GHz combo, so I want to learn more about when highish-end turns into middle of the road.
  4. The way I see it with Intel chips it goes something like this:

    Low-end - Celeron
    Low-mid - Pentium
    Mid-range - i3
    Mid-high - i5
    High-end - i7
  5. Thanks!
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