I need to buy a laptop for heavy video editing please suggest me some laptops and even let me know better graphics video cards

Looking for laptops which are not higher than1500$
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  1. I have one bit of confusion: graphics cards are not for laptops. Are you asking two separate questions, one about a laptop and one about a graphics card for a desktop / workstation?
  2. What do you consider heavy editing? Which software do you use?

    I bought a Lenovo y580 a couple years back (approx $800) with an i7 3610qm and GTX660m and it edits well, but not as good as my old Q6600 w/ GTX 580. Rendering was identical on both machines.

    Keep in mind that when editing, the video rarely slows things down (simple edits like cuts transitions etc...), but adding color corrections and effects do. In that case, you would need a pretty hefty GPU. Also a general rule of thumb:
    Editing = GPU
    Rendering/Encoding = CPU
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    Vibhorgolash2 said:
    Looking for laptops which are not higher than1500$

    It depends on your video editing software
    any Quadro or Tesla are the recommendation by nVidia for media video editing
    see NVidia's website about video editing
    You can browse and find your video software

    GTX are for gamers

    $1500 budget for heavy editing is not enough for laptop
    Your being off buying a desktop workstation
    I purchase HP Z620 E5-2650 in Newegg and the supplier is AntOnline
    It's cheaper for you to purchase it from AntOnline direct because Newegg charge taxes

    See my spec on HP Z620
    You can see the video in youtube website for my reviews
    I use Pinnace Studio 16 Ultimate and Canon RF H42 mini camcorder

    HP Z620 overall reviews

    Dual Quadro 5000 SLI reviews

    Here's the spec
    Spec - HP Z620 E5-2650,
    8 core, 2.0 GHZ 2.8 turbo,
    6GB RAM,
    Window 7 Pro 64 bits,
    500GB HDD, 3TB Toshiba, 4TB Seagate,
    LG Blu Ray,
    dual Quadro 5000 SLI.
    Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 16,
    Canon Vixia RF H42 mini Camcorder,
    Sennheiser MKE600 shotgun microphone.

    My overall experience of my video editing workstation has been great and it's very fast rendering.
    Good luck with your projects
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