How long before I need to upgrade my system. specs below

Hey all. I'm still ki. a new to this whole thing and was wondering if there's experienced techs who can tell me about when I'll need to dish out more money to perform upgrades. I built my pc last summer. But all ready there are new gpus/ cpus/ and everything else out. So I'm wondering how long my pc will be able to still play games on maxx before I need to upgrade and when I do upgrade. Which parts should I replaced first. Mobo. .etc. my specs are

Amd fx-8350 none oc'd mainly because it won't let me without cycle booting no Matter what I do.
gigabyte 990fxa - ud3 Mobo
8 gig gskill sniper 1633mhz ram
2x gtx 660ti in sli.
800w silver psu
128 gig ssd
1 to drive.

Also I heard my mobo has a lot of problems that keep you from ocing anything besides gpu. So if I was to change it. Will I need to reinstall windows and re download everything I have installed?. What mobo would Yall recommend for easy ocing.. thanks
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    Your system ought to be good for years. The most likely first upgrade would be graphics, although your SLI pair should not have any problems until you try doing something like running multiple 4K monitors.
    As to your motherboard, if you replace it you will indeed almost certainly need to re-install Windows and your programs. You might not have to if you choose another 990FX board (I'd suggest Asus or ASRock), because the chipset is the same, but any 3rd-party controllers might be different so it may never be "right." In any case, you will need to re-activate Windows. Since you are essentially replacing a defective board (i.e. not trying to run multiple machines), Microsoft may (or may not) allow you to re-activate over the phone.
  2. The Asus rog mobo. It also has waterblocks for the VRM and Mosfets so if you set up a custom loop you can get amazing overclocks.
  3. You should get a solid three years out of that on High/Ultra settings. The GTX 660Ti is still a very decent card... on par with a GTX 760 or there-abouts. If you are only using a single monitor you might be able to do 4-5 years on High/Ultra.
  4. There's no set schedule you have to follow to perform updates. As long as the computer still performs satisfactorily, I'd leave it alone. It's a decent rig.

  5. Thanks for the fast replies. That was really helpful.. I am thinking about just getting a new mobo anyways because mine is crappy. I can't oc anything with it I've read that those are crappy boards. I've heard good things about the Asus R2.0 mobo. That those go extremely well with the fx series as far a stability. What do you guys think? . I really wanna experience overclocking. Especially since I'm afraid that if I go to gtx770 in sli which iv been thinking about doing that the cpu will bottleneck them. I could be wrong tho. So will wait on the gpu upgrades since Yall think the 660tis will handle games on ultra for a few years.. I've been spoiled since I built my pc. Every time I look at a consol all I see is jagged edges. Lol..
  6. That is a good Asus mobo, but if u want good sound and good overclocks i'd suggest the Rog one
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