is overclocking really that important?

i was wondering if i should spend the extra 80 dollars to get a overclockable i5 processor and motherboard or if i should just get a non overclockable i5 and mother board. will it really be that important to have the option of overclocking? i currently have a radeon r9 270x will i see that much of a boost overclocking vs not? thanks
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  1. I'd say for you personally it will not be a benefit. overclocking is kinda for those who want to get the absolute most performance they can out of their parts. this reduces their lifespan though. overclocking gpu's provides a mucher bigger performance gain over overclocking a processor, and your 270x is overclockable.
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    It's up to you if you want to overclock or not. If you plan to overclock, not only do you need a k-series CPU and compatible motherboard, but you need a proper CPU cooler and ventilation in your case, all which can add a bit of cost.

    The graphics card can be overclocked on any motherboard, but the same applies to the GPU in regards to cooling. Overclocking will produce more heat which you will need to push out of your case.

    Overclocking is somewhat of a linear performance improvement. If you have a 3Ghz processor and overclock it to 4Ghz, you can expect to get pretty close to 20-30% more performance in benchmarks that will utilize the extra CPU performance. Most applications aren't coded to use 100% of the CPU at all times, so you won't see nearly as much of a real world benefit however.
  3. You may see a 5% increase in frames in a game with a 20% overclock on your processor
    you may see a 10% increase in frames if you can manage to get a 20% overclock on your gpu
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