Best cooler and mobo for overclocking FX 8350?

I'm looking to overclock the fx 8350 to it's full potential and I'm looking for the right cooler and motherboard to do so. For the cpu coolers i've got my eye on the Noctua NH-D14 and the Corsair H100i. The Noctua costs £60 and is cheaper than the Corsair at £90, so I'm leaning towards the Noctua because of price and it's reviews say that this is one of the best air coolers. Is the Corsair worth the extra price? Will the water cooling be better than air? I am willing to pay extra for the H100i if it is worth it. Feel free to recommend any other coolers.

For mother boards I've got a budget of £100 and for that budget the boards reconmended are the Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 and the Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD3. The Asus supposedly overclocks slightly better and comes with more features, but I prefer the Gigabytes looks. Which board would you recommend? Feel free two reconnend a different board. I want the most overclocking potential, features and quality for £100. What sort of level OC would I be able to get with the cooler/mobo you've recommended? Thank you and sorry for the long post, just want to get the most out of my money :)
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    I have found that Asus boards do have more features for overclocking and they also have a lot of pre-sets.

    The Noctua D-14 will cool the CPU just about as good as the H-100i however the Noctua is huge so it becomes a choice of looks rather then performance. If you have a window side panel then you may like the looks of the H-100i.
  2. Oh and sorry for any spelling mistakes I'm on my phone :D
  3. What anout the h80i? Reccomended or not? How does the compare to the h100i? And I think ill just go for the asus board, thanks.
  4. The H-80i is a good cooler and you can have two fans on it , one on each side for added cooling power. The FX-8350 will generate a lot of heat as it's a 125w Processor so when overclocked it will throw off a good amount of heat that will need to be taken care of. If you get the H-80i then you will want to run the two fans.
  5. I use an H50 with an extra fan (both are aftermarket) and my mildly overclocked (4.5 Ghz) FX 8350 idles about 13 degrees C. I can hit about 56-59 at super high loads for hours or so. The radiator throws off enough heat to make the wall behind it hot.
  6. Thanks a lot everybody, i'm just going to go with the noctua and save some money.
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