User account control for Windows 7

I had a curious thought the other day.

We have been having problems with employees installing unnecessary programs on work computers.
We could limit the install privileges of a user, and restrict installing all together, but that may be a hindrance as we sometimes send out software for the employee to install.

What i thought was, every time the user attempts to install something, the computer sends an email to the manager, or IT, and basically requests permission to install.
Depending on how the manager replies, it will allow the install to proceed or not.

Is there currently a software solution out for this already?

Just a curious thought.

--Thanks as always!
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    Impero may be the right software for you as it gives administrators a large amount of control over the network and the ability to see exactly what is on the screen of each machine on the network. I hope this helps :)
  2. Thanks for the suggestion user!
    Is this managed through a local network only?
    We currently do not have a VPN set up, so i am unsure about how we could use it.
    Most of the employees are spread out over the state.
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