Sapphire 7950 or r9 280x?

I'm in the middle of building my pc and I'm deciding on my video card. My original decision was a radeon r9 280x (don't know what model yet, so open to recommendations) until I came across this:

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 for just £192.

That seems significantly cheaper than any 280x I can find (unless you guys know of any) so would you recommend this card? Or is it jut worth paying more for the 280x. Also does any body know of a 7970 for a good price, like less than 280x's? What fps would I get on bf4 with this 7950 with an fx 8320? Thanks :)
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  1. Just for info if you did't knwo a 280x is just a 7970 with a small clock boost. A 7950 will max out bf4 at 60fps, I know this as I used to have it. Get the 7950 and save some money. The 7950 will also take advantage of mantle which will give you an 7-15% fps boost in BF4.
  2. Thanks bluehowell. And yes I did know about the 280x being a rebadged 7970, but just thought because 7970's are old now and are know as 280x's you could get a 7970 for cheaper. But yeah I think I'll go with the 7950. I didn't think it'd get 60fps on bf4, that's interesting. Thanks for your help by the way :)
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    The R9 280X is significantly faster than the 7950.
    MSI Gaming version for example has a good quiet cooler and is in the £240 range.

    Battlefield 4 @1080p ultra

    7950 will be in the 35 min 41 avg to 38 min to 46 average range.
    R9 280X will be 42min to 52 average range. ( about the same as 7970, however that might not be the GHz edition that the R9 280X is based on )
    So it is most likely slightly higher even on performance. Plus of course using the Mantle API patch you are probably looking at another 4-7% improvement in framerates.
  4. So your saying i should get a 280x?
  5. UncreativeName said:
    So your saying i should get a 280x?

    Yeah, it is a nice and powerful card. Perfect for 1080p at max settings.
  6. Ok thanks. Any recommendations on which one?
  7. UncreativeName said:
    Ok thanks. Any recommendations on which one?

    Looking at prices on the gigabyte model seems cheapest at 223. It has a nice cooler and should be fine as long as it fits your case as it is pretty long.

    The MSI Gaming version has a solid and quiet cooler so that is a good option as well at 240
  8. Ok thank you l'll go with the gigabyte one, just lookin for price to performance.
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