Computer wont boot after mobo/processor switch

Today i switched out a motherboard that stopped working, i changed the processor too. I got a Gigabyte g1.sniper z87 with a inte core i5 4670k. I installed everything but when i tried to start up the computer, it did not boot. When i press the power switch it just blinks for half a sec. The fans of my GPU spins under the time but then stops when the lightning turns off. I've tried to do a cmos reset but that didn't do anything, as well as replugging everything.

Gigabyte g1.Sniper z87
Intel core I5 4670k
Sapphire toxic r9 270x
G.skill ripjaws 2133 mhz 2x4 gb
1 kingston ssd
1 Seagate hdd
Coolermaster b600
Fractal design define r2
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    Did you plug the video into the GPU or the motherboard?
    It's likely your mobo has to be told to use the GPU for video instead of the onboard graphics.
    Are you sure you plugged everything in right? (read the mobo manual)
    Have you tried unplugging everything except the cpu and ram and turning it on? (and maybe just the cpu)
    your ram might be too fast as well.
    Your motherboard can only do that ram if you overclock it from like a 1600 stick I think...
  2. I plugged in the video to the gpu, i will try to start it up with just the cpu and ram, or just cpu. Thanks for helping, results coming soon.....
  3. Ok i've tried everything now. I tried to remove everything from the motherboard expect the cpu. Same thing as before, i've also tried to boot with 2x4 gb 1600 mhz sticks and it didn't help, is it a bad processor or motherboard? The motherboard power switch light is on when there is power plugged in but it still wont turn on.
  4. You're the best man, i got it working!!!! I plugged in something that looked like a fan for the psu into the motherboard and didn't remove it, when i did it started to work. However it was just standing there turning on and off so i switched some bios settings on the mobo and now everything is working great!! Appreciated you help dude, thanks a lot! (However i think 1 ram stick is broken cause it was a reason too why it didn't start)
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