I want new PC for game, But Low Budget :( But plzz rate this configuration

Processor - i5 4570
RAM - Kingston Hyperx Blu 8gb 1600mhz
Graphic Card - MSI Geforce GTX760
Motherboard - MSI B84-G43
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More about game low budget plzz rate configuration
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    That's a good low budget config.

    8/10 for low budget
  2. Do you have all the other required components ? HDD , DVD Drive ..... Monitor , keyboard and mouse ? Give out the budget is usually best here.
  3. Is This configuration enough for gaming ??? I mean my configuration
  4. If that is an upgrade to a current machine it should be good for most games. Not extreme settings but no low settings either. Unless it's BF4 which does not run well on anyones machine lol.
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