Core 2 Quad and Geforce 560 TI

I have a Core 2 Quad Q6600 on the way, and I just installed a 560 TI and my current CPU, the Core 2 Duo E8400, and it is bottlenecking like no other. I wanted to know, how far am I going to have to overclock my Q6600 to reduce a bottleneck on the 560 TI. I play games like Day Z Standalone, Mafia II, and Minecraft. Thanks!
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  1. It depends on what cooler you have - I wouldn't do any kind of overclocking with the stock cooler. I had a Core2Duo E8400 and could do a +700MHz overclock without voltage changes easily with an aftermarket cooler. However, the performance increase was marginal.

    DayZ is a very CPU-heavy game - even my overclocked i5-4670K struggles with it. I think overclocking a CPU this old isn't going to save you from the bottleneck.
  2. I have an Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler, and it's safe, I went from 3 Ghz to almost 4 with my system on my E8400
  3. Alright, cooling looks fine. The Q6600s are usually good chips for sure, usually achieving a 1GHz overclock easily. You just need to make sure your RAM is up to par and your motherboard will supply enough power to the CPU.
  4. Here's the Motherboard

    I have 4 GB of Hynix (used in IBMs) DDR2 PC2-6400 800 FSB
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    I'd underclock the memory to 667 (you'll be overclocking the memory too when you raise the FSB) and then give the CPU a 400MHz overclock first. Go for higher clocks if your temps look good and you're stable as a rock. You might need to play with the voltages tho.

    Take note, that you need to adjust the jumpers with this particular motherboard if you overclock a CPU that is running on FSB1066 (like the Q6600).
  6. I'm running an e8400 and aGTX560Ti rig and it runs better than the Q6600 rig it replaced.
  7. Should I do the Q6600 tape mod?
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