Korean Samsung Driver Nightmare

So i'm a tech and I'm working a noodle buster (for me at least). I have a Samsung NT301e laptop, its a Korean model bought in Korea and so far that is the only issue I can think of that might be causing this.

It is running windows 8,
i5 processor

Been trying to get to stop blue screening after the first series of updates on a fresh install.
It seems to be a conflict in video drivers, It appears to have an Intel on board chip and a Nvidia 610m. When I install the Nvidia ones, as recommended by the Graphics card detection tool, and remove the Intel ones, it blue screens and and I have to restores. Low-res mode doesn't work. Same thing happens the other way around.

Could it be because I'm downloading North American region drivers to an Asian region computer, or is there something else I'm missing?
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    Why don't you download the drivers directly from the manufacturer first? instead of the Nvidia
  2. I was dreading this hunt, and I only saw windows 7 stuff at first. I just needed someone to say it, got out my detective kit and found it. Everything is working great, thanks for the motivation.
  3. glad all turned out well. don't forget to select my own (or anyone else) solution :) every time you post a question
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