Working on my first build - comments wanted please

Hey all, I have been doing my research and have visited the site a few times for information. I would like to hear what you think of my pc build. It will be for gaming, BF4, mmo's, titanfall, ect.

Parts list:

I am considering getting a 60 or 120 gb SSD for the OS - opinions?

Also, would i need a slightly larger power supply?

Thanks for looking and i look forward to reading your comments.
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  1. Is it just going to be a gaming rig?
  2. If so you will get a better price/performance out of an AMD CPU which intern will let you afford a better GPU, which you really need to think about upgrading if you want any decent frame rates, the GTX 660 is the recommended GPU for BF4 and i would go any lower that that, and yes i wouldn't go any lower than an 500Watt PSU either.
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    That power supply is low quality piece of tin. All Corsair PSUs from the CX line are junk. Never skimp on a PSU. Get this instead.

    or this
  4. Thanks for the info.

    This rig would be mostly gaming and web browsing.
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