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I am new to these forums and I am sorry if this is the wrong section for this topic. Feel free to move it into the correct section. I thought this might be the best place to ask. I am looking for Sleeved PC Case power cables.. I know I am butchering the correct name lol. It's the colorful little cables that plug in individually into the motherboard. It's at the bottom! It's the cables/wires that come from the power button at the top of the case and say PWR , HDD , LED + , Reset and stuff like that. I got done with my watercooling system about 2 months ago and I wanna finish it all up and make everything neat looking including the cables. Even with good cable management it still bothers me because it looks like a rainbow. My question is can I buy a sleeved cable that replaces it like nzxt ones? Or would I have to sleeve it myself? I searched sleeved cable products like nzxt has & silverstone but I couldn't find one. I know this sounded silly but thank you for any replies I appreciate it!!
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