I need a driver for USB Serial Adapter CP-US-03, which is attached to the X-10 mouse-remote Model MK19A for special needs adul

When I install software and update driver for USB Serial Adapter CP-US-03 on my son's HP laptop
with Windows 8.1 OS, the remote mouse plugged into the serial adapter does not work. The device manager states
"This device cannot start. (code 10)". The mouse and adapter have worked on the XP OS for several years.
They are used by special needs adults and children for communication. Please help
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  1. Hi there, Just for an answer even though its probably not the one your looking for,
    I would cut your looses and buy a usb mouse. I find its very hard to find drivers for such old hardware espessially with windows 8. Chances are that the laptop since it doesnt have a serial port wont have the right drivers.

    But just incase heres a thread that may help, hopfully it points you in a direction
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    hmm it might not be the a driver problem and just the adapter itself depending on the age and it's technology because some of these older adapters use a prolific chip which is not compatible with windows 8. You can also try to go back into the device manager and deleting the drivers for your device re-installing and restarting (all in one session please) the computer to see if it's a corrupt driver or if you have multiples of the same driver. If you absolutely would like a new adapter to use your special device then i suggest you get the one here, which is around 15$:, which should be plug and play and be supported by windows 8 and if it actually is the same model as this then it's just a matter of trying to figure out what's causing the error
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