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I'm trying to decide what type of computer to buy and I am seeking knoweldge on processors.
I'm looking at a Dell with a processor of 1.8 GHZ Intel 3rd generation and a HP with a processor 2.0 GHZ AMD A6 series. What is the difference?
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    GHz is the measure of the clock speed (think about a metronome ticking). The GHz just tells you how many times per second the clock on the CPU will tick (Not exactly, there is an equation to figure it out, but just know that 3.0 and above is considered fast). On each tick tasks are run in CPU to process data. So, if you have a CPU with more GHz the clock will tick faster and thus, more tasks can be completed in a shorter amount of time, making your computer faster.

    Obviously its quite a bit more complicated than that, but this was just to give you an analogy to understand how it all works.

    Keeping all this in mind, the second CPU you mentioned will be faster than the first.
  2. Either one would be good. It sounds like this is for a laptop, and for a laptop it's better to have efficiency (less heat, noise, more energy efficient, battery lasts longer). That said, the Intel is going to be more efficient. The AMD is an APU and will use more electricity and generate more heat. It also has graphics integrated which helps with "speed", so yes, it will perform a little better than the Intel.
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