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So I currently have a Seagate Momentus 750GB Hard Drive, but I play a lot of games and record them which takes up a ton of space. Of course I always clean it up, but I want to get a new high capacity hard drive to store all of my videos on seperate from my normal hard drive with my OS and whatnot. Just looking for suggestions on brands, models, external vs internal etc... I want something fast with around 1-3 TB of space for a reasonable price, but above all else I want reliability. Thanks everyone.
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  1. High quality?
    WD black
    or RAID
  2. just get a samsung 1tb ssd. lol jk. get a regular 2tb hard drive from seagate
  3. reliability, either hitachi or wd. seagate just ranked quite low for reliability just recently. But of course you can always get a bad drive even with the best manufacturers, and a lot of problems with courriers manual handling of the drives.
  4. Oh yeah I forgot about that reliability thing. Yeah seagate come to the top for failure hdds. The western digital is the best
  5. Thanks everyone. Yeah I recently saw that seagate had gone downhill on that end, but I am looking into WD now. Any specifics?
  6. Black is the best in speed and quality.
    Green is energy efficient
    Blue is low end but cheapest
  7. I would go with green. I have it, its not slow and saves energy. Overall really good in my opinion
  8. cadams77 said:
    Thanks everyone. Yeah I recently saw that seagate had gone downhill on that end, but I am looking into WD now. Any specifics?

    not recently, they have always had poor reliability. and in my experience, not just bad sectors, but catastrophic failures leaving data recovery impossible, or very expensive.
  9. So now you know adams. Go with westerrn digital. I would go with green like I said before. My friend has a black 2tb and his is barely faster then mine.
  10. I think the WD green drives would spin down too often for use in games. Also, the warranty is shorter on the green drives. I'd go with a WD black drive for an OS or gaming drive.
  11. Sup hawkeye, it depends on your budget adams. If you can spend the extra money, go with a wd black hard drive. If you cant go with the green hard drive.
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    If you plan on gaming from the drive then avoid the green, it will be fine for recording to though as would the Red series.

    Ideally you would want a separate recording drive so you may want to consider a 2tb 7200 rpm drive as your main drive and use the 1tb Seagate as your recording drive.
  13. Th reason why none of us suggested segate is because in a new ssd, seagate was shown with the most failure hdd.
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