Samsung 840 pro 256GB - Total Bytes Written skyrocketed

Hello Tom's community,

I have a newbie question. I do not know much about SSD, but I purchased them because of their performance. My rig spec is:

1.CPU: Intel Core i7-4770k
2.CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H100i
3.Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus VI Formula
4.Memory: Gskill Trident X 16GB 2400MHz
5.SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB and 840 EVO 500GB
6.HDD: Toshiba 3TB
7.GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 770 SC
8.Case: NZXT Phantom 530
9.PSU: Corsair AX760
10.Optical Drive: LG 14x Bluray Burner

So I use Samsung Magician to optimize the SSD's performance and longevity. What does the "Total Bytes Written" indicate? Before I only see the SSD write 0.01-0.02 TB per day, but recently it writes like 3-5 TB per day, sometimes even 10 TB.

Like yesterday I saw the number was 26.15, today it is 33.27. How could the SSD write that much if I do not do anything intensively? My main concern is that each SSD has a limited number of bytes they can write before the flash cells die out. I want my SSD to last for a while and not die anytime soon you know. The SSD has only been 6 months old.

Any helps would be much appreciated. Thanks for you all time to read this thread.
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  1. This is curious. Usually you can't write that much data in a day without using a benchmarking tool, in a single user environment. 7 TB in a day mean 81 MB/s for 24h. Is it possible that you checked your other Samsung SSD yesterday?
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    I have seen this post just now. I have got shocked seeing your written bytes a day.
    didn't you feeling some inconvenience or slow going when you using it?
    I think you have to fix it to use your PC on nice performance.
    Actually, I have similar problem with you when using a torrent.
    What is your main purpose of PC? (gaming, musical working, database, server system..)
    I guess the problems is caused by application or OS. Can you guess which program brings this huge bytes writing?
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