msi z87-g45 vs asus z87-a

I don't do any gaming but I do want quality and I like features. I had an asus board lasted me 7 years so I know they are reliable. But what about features also.
I have an i5-4670k that I'm sticking in it with 8gb g skill 1866.
Please advise as I wanna buy tonight
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  1. I'd go the Asus - either the A you're looking at or maybe their Plus, Asus has the best handle on the Z87 and Haswell, as for MSI, I won't touch them due to their poor QC
  2. They both have similar build quality in terms of power phase complexity, mosfets, capacitors and inductor which is pretty much entry level but still very solid.

    Feature-wise G45 has slightly better audio chip and NIC.

    G45 also has 3 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots while z87-A has 2. But Asus has 2 legacy PCI slots which is a plus if you have some old wi-fi card or something.

    They both have same amount of SATA 3 ports which is 6, but G45 also has an m-sata port. But it shares the same port with SATA port 6.

    They both have same amount of usb ports.

    They also have same amount of fan headers which are 2x cpu and 3x sys fan and all of them are 4-pin pwm so you can control the fan speeds easily.

    G45 has an onboard voltage check points. If you are into overclocking it's a useful feature.

    Both of these boards are solid and would make you happy, but if you want more features then G45 is a better choice.

    Also check out ASRock's Extreme 4 or 6. More features per dollar and also solid build quality. :)

    On a completely different note: I wouldn't listen someone's biased comments that has a company logo as avatar. Guerilla marketing everywhere...
  3. Simply having an Avatar ones likes doesn't make them biased, I try and offer the best advise I can and have been doing so as a builder for many years, wonder what you would have said about Bias if this was an IB question, my first choice there is the Rock Extreme 4, with the Z77 I think the Rock had the best handle on the chipset. As far as my thoughts on MSI, those too are well documented and I'm not the only one who thinks this way, if you look at MSI, you'll see their sales have been dropping steadily since about 2008, they used to be #3 in mobo sales and lost that spot to the Rock about late 2009 and have steadily fallen behind more and more each year. I know I only build with Asus, the Rock and GB because they are good , quality mobos, it's not worth it to a builder to try building with a mobo that is likely to die or have components go bad within 30-60 days...I get more problem calls on MSI mobos than any 2 other mobo makers put together.
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    Tradesman1 said:
    I get more problem calls on MSI mobos than any 2 other mobo makers put together.

    However, if you look at any popular hardware forums, they are full of problems with the brands that you support too. Maybe 10 times more... So your argument is illogical as well as my counter argument about those threads on forums.

    On the other hand... If you look at the build quality of G45 and Z87-A. Pcb, power phases, mosfets, capacitors, inductors etc. both boards here have very similar quality. Same chipset, sata controllers etc... Show me a one logical reason here to bash MSI. Poor QC? Well RMA rates are pretty close to each other with %0.5-1 margin.

    It's true that, MSI has been using some low quality capacitors and mosfets in their low end boards before, as well as ASRock. (Remember the dpaks) But now they both upped the quality even in their cheap boards in recent years. Even more MSI started using Tantalum filled capacitors in their mid-high end boards which are basically rated as 160k @ 85C.

    Of couse Asus and Gigabyte are leading the industry here and getting the lion's share with their quality products, marketing power and big names. But you just can't bash other brands with your insubstantial problem calls. I've been seeing your posts latey and noticed that you sound more and more like a company representative in each post. Never seen something like that before in any hardware forums apart from those guerilla marketing guys.
  5. Yea but this g45 msi board is not a Low end board...does that make a difference in this conversation? It's got near perfect reviews on Web sites as well as the asus. No?
  6. It's not a low-end board. It's quite solid. But in terms of features and build quality it's considered as an entry level board to Z87 chipset which is more than enough if you are not considering to break overclock records.
  7. So....asus z87-a, g45, or asrock extr 4 ?
  8. I'd say

    ASRock Extreme 4 > MSI G45 > Asus Z87-A
  9. Okay great. So please explain why that order. Assuming they are all the same price
  10. Extreme4 has slightly better in terms of power phase complexity, mosfets and capacitors. While G45 and Z87-A are quite similar.

    Also Extreme 4 has onboard debug led and dual bios, while G45 and z87-A doesn't.

    Extreme 4 and G45 has the same audio chip and codes which is Realtek's ALC1150 and it's better than Z87-A's Realtek ALC 892 in terms of SNR. Also Extreme 4 and G45 have their sound chip EMI shielded while Z87-A hasn't.

    In terms of NIC quality. Extreme 4 has Intel Gigabit lan which is slightly better than Z87-A's Realtek. But it's around the same quality with G45's Qualcomm Killer LAN.

    Also Extreme 4 has 8 SATA 3 ports while others have 6. And also an e-SATA port. G45 has an m-SATA port. Z87-A doesn't have an extra feature here.

    So if the prices are similar go for ASRock Extreme 4. It has more features per dollar. G45 comes second. Z87-A however is a pretty much generic Z87 board with no special and attractive features.
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