Which is better and balanced video card to go with my build ?

Core 2 Duo E7500 stock @2.93 Ghz
Intel Motherboard with PCI-E x16 slot
4 GB DDR2 333 HMz RAM
Corsair VS 550 watts psu .
Windows 7 32-bit .

So whats the best video card I can get for that built ?
Will be playing games like Black Ops , MW3 . And will Tomb Raider 2013 , ACIV run will decent / good fps ?

And plz don't suggest to upgrade a new PC becoz i already own a New rig , this iold built s for other purpose .

Plz guys mention approx. fps i can get with these specific gpu(s):

HD 7770
R7 260X
Gtx 650
Gtx 650 Ti
Gtx 660

Gaming at 1600 x 900 resolution . Also mention which new games I can play with High-Ultra setting ?

Quick Answer will be appreciated .
All Answers / suggestion are welcomed .
Thank you for reading , Hoping for best answer


Cheers' !!!
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  1. I wouldnt recomend less than a 650 ti boost
  2. timbo1130 said:
    I wouldnt recomend less than a 650 ti boost

    It will not bottleneck the cpu ? [ Gtx 650 TI Boost ?
  3. Best answer

    Check out the benchmark ratings of the gpus with popular games like mwf
  4. still which is best and balanced gpu with E7500 ??? and won't bottleneck much ??
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