Migrating HDD to SSD and reinstalling Windows 7 at the same time

I have a single HDD with C:\ and D:\ partitions and Windows 7.

I have bought a new SSD (Samsung Evo 250 GB, drive-only + sata cable + mounting bracket) and also want to re-install Windows 7 anyway, as I want a fresh start.

I would like to end up with C:\ being my SSD and D:\ being my HDD

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    "Do I need to remove the HDD while I install Windows on the new SSD?"
    Yes, highly recommended"

    "If I boot from the SDD with a new installation of Windows, will I be able to access files that were in User\XXX\Documents folders on the HDD, or will I get permission errors because I'm accessing a User folder from a different Windows installation?"

    Probable. Easy way to prevent this is a little preparation. Create a few folders outside the 'User' space. Copy all those files to those new folders. The permissions exist on the User/Silverlode/foo folders, not the files. Copying the files elsewhere first mitigates that.
  2. Thanks USAFRet, that was good advice.

    Files that were in User\XXX\Documents folders on the HDD, did indeed give permission errors when I tried to access them because they were from a different Windows installation, but your workaround was easy.

    Files in folders that were not actually User\XXX\Documents but were included as one of the locations appearing in the 'my documents' type "library", were fine :)

    Thanks for the help
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