2 Routers, Same network, Diffrent subnet

Hi Guys,

I am setting up my home networking and I need your help. I am a complete noob when it comes to networking so I really appreciate your help.

I have two routers in my home.
Router 1 – Dlink basic router connected to my ISP modem Subnet – 192.168.0.x
Router 2 – Asus RTn16 running DDWRT and my VPN Subnet – 192.168.1.x

I want machines in router1 to talk to machines in router2 and vice versa. The router will have different wireless SSID. My devices like apple TV, OnKyo receiver etc will be connected to Router 2 to access US VPN. My HTPC , Mac’s and windows machines will be connected to Router1 as this is my local network and faster for downloads. My mobile devices will also be in the same network.

Now the issue is I cant for eg stream my music on my phone to appleTV/Onkyo since they are on different networks. Similarly I can use my plex running to HTPC with apple TV. I need to overcome this issue, I want a seamless network and still be able to use local network for most of my machines and US network for devices like applt tv and music streaming etc.

How can I achieve this? Will it work if I give the below;
Router 1 – set to – DHCP to – DHCP gives ip to HTPC, Mobiles and PC’s
Router 2 – Set to - DHCP to - VPN configured on DDWRT. DHCP gives ip to Apple TV, Okyo etc.

Will the above configuration be enough for all the machines to communicate to each other and all things working fine? I also have a WIFI printer, so I should be capable of printing from a device on either network.

** I am having two router for VPN ** I want it to be delivered from a different router.

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  1. Lets try a direct solution using the first set of IP addresses. Lucky you have DD-WRT or else it may not be possible.

    So on the asus define a new vlan and assign it to one of the lan ports. Give this a ip in the 192.168.0.x network let just say connect this port to the other router.
    At this point all the machines on the 192.168.1.x network should be able to send traffic to the 192.168.0.x network.

    To get the traffic the other way we can hope your dlink can do a static route.
    Put in a route for to This should be all it takes.
    Now if you can not use a static route in the dlink you are going to have to do it in the end machines. You will need to go to each device on the 192.168.0.x network and put in the route to its trivial phones I don't know.

    Now if you were to try to go with your second solution the DHCP will be a mess but it can be done. You can only run DHCP on a single device it is a broadcast protocol. With 2 devices both will receive the request from any machine and both will offer a IP address which get picked by the end device tends to by kinda random.

    Lets say we put the DHCP on the Asus since dd-wrt has more option. You would put a generic pool in for one group of devices preferable the larger one and the one that could have random devices added to it. Let just assume its for the users you want to use router 1. So for these you would put in a default gateway of Pretty much a standard dhcp configuration. Now for all the other devices that you want to use router 2 you are going to need to put in STATIC dhcp entries. You will need to map each mac address to some IP but outside the pool you defined for router 1. On all these you are going to set the gateway to
  2. I tried to creat a VLAN on port 4 in Asus, assigned it with an IP address from the D-Link network. Once I did that it does not seem to work, Asus network is not even getting connected to WAN, so I had to revert back to previous settings in Asus. Am I missing some steps?
  3. It should be that simple but this is the big downside to dd-wrt. It has so many option it tends to be very easy to mess things up and it is not the most documented. Even I have to go begging for help over on the dd-wrt forums many times.
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