why can't I format my c drive in windows 7 home premiumi have windows 7 home

i have windows 7 home premium and I;d like to know how to format c drive. I can format d drive no problem, c drive does not open to show where to format, do i have to do a re-install. i up graded from windows vista home premium and have all the disk, is there any hope for this, i'd like not to re-install all my programs. i'm using wd external hard drive, can this be used to replace all my files.
looking for help. confused.
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  1. Has to be a boot install.
  2. You can't format that because it is your main drive and it contains all of the windows files. If you do that then your computer WILL stop working.

    Hope that helps
  3. You will just have to do re-installation.
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    restart your system when bios is loading press esc or f10 (depending on manufacture) to enter bios then go to boot tab select cd drive as booting drive then save & exit.

    when your system start again it will load window then it will show you install option select cutom fromat d: (it will delete your data) format C: then install

    tell me if it work
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