Sapphire R9 280X Toxic vs PNY GTX 770 XLR8 vs GTX 660/R9 270X SLI/CFX

Hi guys, as the title says I'm looking at these cards as an upgrade to my current GTX 660 (Unless I SLI). I'm just wondering which is better in regards to longevity, performance, cooling etc. I can get 2x R9 270x for the same price as 1 280X at the moment, that's why I'm adding that in.
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  1. Hey

    I prefer 1 GPU graphics card more than two,
    Two of them won't get you 2x the performance of one
    Also the power consumption will be more and then you might upgread your power supply

    770 GTX is almost an yeard old GPU but the performance is the same at 280x's
    NVIDIA are used well in After effects or photoshop, AMD in sony vegas

    The performance is the same, but still I'd go for 770 GTX,
    Lightning 770 GTX is the best from them :), that smexy looking gpu would be the best for you
  2. Its a bit too much money for me, what about the Palit Jetstream?
  3. palit is trash. Stay away from palit, zotac pny and gainward. Look into quality companies like asus, evga, msi or gigabyte. The 770 beats the 280x in alot of tests but with mantle being out you may have a slight advantage although i dont think so since mantle didnt do what everyone thought it was gonna do. I say a evga 770 classified or a asus 770.
  4. Asus is the cheapest followed by Gigabyte, EVGA and MSI. Which is quietest and coolest? Size doesn't matter as I have a Carbide 300R.
  5. Which would be the best? The Asus or Gigabyte in terms of OC potential.
  6. evga or asus
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