Please help - my brand new computer won't boot past user login...

Hi guys, last month I built a PC with:
Msi z87-g45 mobo
8gb ram
Gtx 770 4Gb inno3d
Samsung Evo 250gb SSD
2tb western digital or sea hate HDD (can't remember)
4670K i5 haswell
Windows 64bit 8.1

Event log problems :
Something about DCOM

The IO operation at logical block address e0 for Disk 0 (PDO name: \Device\0000003d) was retried.

Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued.

I've been using it perfectly (other than an issue where the gpu was RMAd) and it's mainly a gaming machine but also has a few software development applications installed also.
Yesterday, I'm presuming coincidentally after installing private internet access VPN, it started randomly freezing for about 15 seconds before becoming usable again, and this would happen probably whenever disk read/write was done? Just every 2 mins or so on average.

Yesterday morning I tried turning it on and upon loading into windows the machine tries logging into my user, freezes, then eventually shuts down!!!!

I tried a system restore to a week or so ago, which seemed to work, let me play all night without any troubles, butt then this morning I have the SAME problem again - won't go past user login, no access to PC.

Also it's worth noting TRYING to boot into safe mode freezes too...

What should I do? Is my SSD faulty?

please help :(

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  1. If you have any other drives you could try to plug one of them in and troubleshoot it. Seems like a windows issue since it more or less boots fine until any type of windows login is attempted.

    You could try to just put the OS on the HDD and see if it boots, then it would be your SSD. Even well-regarded Evo drives do have bad apples.
  2. When I do the same system restore it seems to work again until I try to reboot after a long wait? Whilst I have control of my PC are there any tools I can use to check if my ssd is faulty ?

    Or any other tools to help diagnose the issue?

  3. I do suggest trying another drive, even an old laptop drive, there is no easy way to test an SSD
  4. Junit151 said:
    I do suggest trying another drive, even an old laptop drive, there is no easy way to test an SSD

    Ok, thanks for your help - but what do you mean by test?

    I have a secondary drive for all my media and such, are you saying I should try and re-install windows on it and see if the error happens again?
    If it doesn't, would the next step be to reinstall Windows BACK on the SSD?

    The only problem with this is I don't feel I should have to lose all the applications and games I've spent a month trying to install on a 5mb connection.
    Have to say - these problems only tend to occur when I'm on Windows :|
  5. It isn't a windows issue, it seems to be a bad SSD. If you can't find ANY spare drive to use, you could always buy a dirt cheap one like this:

    It is much better than buying a new SSD. Because it's possible the SSD just "doesn't like" booting windows, you could still install your whole game library onto it.
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