Cannot format the first created partition on HDD and cannot install OS

I've received an HP laptop from someone for fixing it. Made in 2012.
I am unable to install windows on it. When I start the installation, it hangs at the startup screen after clicking "install windows".
I took it out and tried to format. I deleted every partition. When I create a new one(the first one), its unable to format. No matter what size it is. After the first one, the other created partitions work.

So when I place this HDD again in laptop, and it goes well till the "select partition" screen. and after selecting the partition, it hangs again.
I have tried to put another HDD in this laptop, and it works.
I tried this HDD in my own laptop, and it doesnt work.

So I want to know if there is some password protection on it or some protection done by HP.

The HDD is not old, dated may 2012, 750 GB , TOSHIBA.

Can anyone help ?

The person got it maybe 6 months ago and hasn't used it since 3-4 months. Now when tried to use it, this happened.
This wasn't used much so I can't tell if its caused by some protection or something.
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  1. Have you tried checking the disk for any errors or bad sectors that could be one cause to your problem.
  2. Not on the windows. But laptop BIOS had some utility. I ran that. gave no errors.
    Also I inserted ubuntu disc. It also had some disk check option, it passed as well.
    Do you know if there can be protection from HP ?
  3. use the manufacturers testing utility but the good news is its probably still under warranty. :-)
  4. popatim said:
    use the manufacturers testing utility but the good news is its probably still under warranty. :-)

    I don't think its under warranty. First, the laptop came from other country, and secondly, I heard that HDDs with laptops have 1 year warranty.

    I just want to know if there can be protection of any kind from HP? Do you know if something like this exist?
    I'll try with the utility you mentioned. Is it supposed to be on Toshiba website?
  5. Go to THIS SITE and download and run the Low Level Format Tool. You should then be able to partition and format the drive.

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    I have experienced this problem before, i used Windows XP Pro Installation disc to do a format, worked for me all the time.

    PS. Used Windows XP disc as though i was doing an installation and used the format option from installation process, once formatted I stop the installation
  7. Quad777's solution worked. Though I completely forgot how to install windows xp. The setup ran and formatted the whole HDD.
    After that I shrank the partition in windows 7. It worked after that. Tried installing windows 7 twice. Working fine now.
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